We Would Love to Hear From You!

We are happy to answer any questions you have about SDC. To request more information about specific services or you would like a technical plan or cost proposal for a project, please contact the appropriate person below:

Authorized Officer:

Susan L. Schall
President and Chief Executive Officer
(336) 841-1247 (Office)
(336) 841-9871 (Direct)
(336) 906-3261 (Cell)


Project Contact:

Mark S. Schall
CP, PLS, PPS, SP, Chief Professional Officer
(336) 841-1247 (Office)
(336) 841-9870 (Direct)
(336) 906-3260 (Cell)


Key staff:

John R. Deford
Photogrammetry, Survey, CAD
Supervision and Management
(336) 841-1247 (Office)
(336) 841-9874 (Direct)

Curtis L. Tillman
Photogrammetry, Digital Imagery, GIS, CAD
(336) 841-1247 (Office)
(336) 841-9872 (Direct)

Paulo M. Barata
Photogrammetry, IT, CAD
Supervision and Management
(336) 841-1247 (Office)
(336) 841-9873 (Direct)

Fred V. Johnson
UAS Pilot, Photogrammetry, GIS
(336) 841-1247 (Office)
(336) 841-9875 (Direct)

Robert S. Chrismon
PLS, Director of UAS Services
(336) 841-1247 (Office)
(336) 841-9879 (Direct)
(336) 906-0426 (Cell)

For general inquiries, questions or comments please use the contact form below and we will respond in a timely manner: